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Working toward a business or management degree from a traditional, four-year university can help you gain skills applicable to your business career, but it's not right for everyone.

Is a Traditional 4-Year University Right For You?
Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Business leaders come from all walks of life. And though working toward a business or management degree from a traditional, four-year university can help you gain skills applicable to your business career, it's not the only way to advance.*

College After High School isn't the Only Option
Business student at graduationIn America today, many students buy into the theory that the only way to get ahead in a business career is by attending college right after high school and earning a degree in administration, management, marketing, or finance. This simply isn't always the case. Not everyone is ready for college right after high school. And not everyone is financially able to attend college at this time.

If a four-year college right after high school is right for you — that's great, but if enrolling at a traditional college right from high school doesn't work for you, you shouldn't think that you don't have some other really good options.

There are some valid reasons for you to not spend four years at college:

1. Not all business careers require a college degree
2. Some students might not be able to commute to the nearest campus
3. Some students would rather work for a few years and explore different paths before committing to a degree program
4. Some students might already hold a degree in another field and seek to advance their business career with an MBA degree.

The list of other circumstances making the traditional path an undesirable or impossible choice for some potential students is long. Fortunately, other options exist and students are finding their own tracks to the degrees and skills they need to enhance their careers in the business sector.

Finding the Right Business School Online
Business is one of the most popular degrees earned via online classes. And there are some good, solid schools offering both individual classes and entire undergraduate and graduate business degree programs.

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* Visit the National Center for Education Statistics for more information.

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