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While you can take a few classes in business at a community college while on your way to your associate's degree, the best path to success in business is to work towards earning a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree in business will typically take four years to complete. Almost all colleges offer some type of business degree, although you will want to make sure that the school you are interested in has a concentration in the area of business that interests you. More info

Another field that is hot right now is animation. Digitial animation professionals have it good -- a fun job and a nice salary.

The southwest United States has a lot of colleges and schools you could attend. Expensive private universities and low-cost public colleges are available from Arizona up the coast to the San Francisco Bay Area. This site talks about colleges for Arizona students. And the Bay Area is so big, you can find almost any type of school if you are willing to consider San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and all the suburbs in between. More info

Maybe business just isn't your thing. Maybe you really like cooking and working in a restaurant. Or maybe you are considering getting into a management position at a restaurant. Some culinary arts schools have programs where they teach you the details on successfully running a restaurant. This guide can help you find a school in Florida, while this one does the same for Ohio.

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